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I’ve titled this post rearranged but maybe it should be titled deranged?  I can’t help myself . . . I love moving stuff around!  No room ever stays the same under my watch. Case in point, our main living area has been redecorated – again.  And all I bought was an 8X10 rug and a new coffee table. I swear. But that was enough to have me pulling another switcheroo.

Let me know what you think:


I’ve gotten questions about placing furniture in front of a cased opening – yes, you can do it! The rule of thumb in design is you need only 18 inches of space for people to walk through. So if you have an odd cased opening, feel free to overlap your furniture across the opening. As long as you have room to walk by comfortably this is an acceptable design hack for creative furniture placement.


So this room has had quite the identity crisis. When we moved in its intended purpose was a formal dining room so we used it as such:

DiningMorning Sun Dining (2)

But that wasn’t really working well (see my blog post title s w i t c h e d when I decided to move our formal dining room to the parlor and re-purpose this room for a seating area.) So then it became this:

Focal PointDrop Cloth Curtains 3Lighthouse Birds Eye

I loved the extra seating re-purposing the space provided as our sunken living room is nice but not terribly spacious. But I hated that leather chair and bought the love seat on a whim. After living with it for a while, I decided that the room did still need to provide extra seating but that the window should be more of a focal point with the sofa in front of it and that this room needed more color.  And of course, my favorite sofa is my recovered neutral Ethan Allen so you know what that means? The blue/grey sectional came up from downstairs and we plopped it back in the main living area. (We actually ordered this sectional to perfectly fit this space when we bought our home so why not? We have a basement living space but we’re currently renovating it so the sectional was literally in a pile in the corner of our basement.)  One new blue/cream rug and wrought iron/wood circular coffee table later, our main living area was looking fresh and fine.


A couple other new changes, Matthew found an authentic french bread dough bowl for me for my birthday and I filled it with ticking striped pillows and perched it atop my large black cabinet.


Pottery Barn sells knock offs of these things so I was SO excited to have an authentic one!

I also updated our fireplace mantel and moved a Pier One clock from another area of our home to above the mantel flanked by existing candles and candle sticks I already owned. I like the clean lines of this look quite a bit.



So there’s my latest rearranged/deranged update!  The family approves and kids oohed and ahhed over the shifts.  Hubby missed the sectional so he’s happy it’s back, as am I. Much easier access for him to give me foot rubs now on movie night!

Don’t be afraid to change things around. Sometimes you just have to live in a space for a while, think about what you don’t like, what you do like and find a new piece or two to as inspiration to give things a fresh new look like I did by simply adding a rug and a coffee table to our existing pieces.

Enjoy and happy decorating!

Peace, Joy and Blessings, 


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. 

Ecclesiastes 3

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