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Greetings, friends! It’s that time of year again. The time of year when design enthusiasts like me embrace any, and I mean ANY, excuse to redecorate our homes.  Oh, who am I kidding? If the styling spirit moves me, I’ll drop a couple Benjamins at Homegoods and redo an entire room just because it is a Tuesday and there’s a sale. (You feel me.)

But this time, it isn’t a random Tuesday. It’s fall!  Time to tuck away the greenery and break out the pumpkin everything.  Put on your sweaters, fire up the cider and pop a pie in the oven. Winter is on its way and what better excuse to flip the page of your home’s style?  Come with me and I’ll walk you through little changes I’ve made in my home for fall and a few surefire ways to cozy up your spaces as the seasons begin their subtle shift.


I nabbed this thankful sign at Shady Hollow Flea Market on Labor Day weekend and have already commissioned the artist to create a silent night version for the holidays, and of course, my mom’s fabric pumpkins are a staple in my home every fall. (Drop me a line to learn how to order a sign of your own or my mom’s pumpkins.)


99% of this fall tablescape is from Burlap Rustic Chic Boutique – the runner, greenery, wooden accent and candlesticks. You’ll notice I stick to a neutral or pastel color pallet regardless of the season with elements that reflect my style but still have a seasonal slant to them like this olive wreath and these simple branches.



I absolutely over photograph this room, guilty as charged. If you follow my blog, you know that this room’s original purpose was the formal dining room.  It was my least favorite room forever, it was in a weird place and I really never loved it. Since shifting the dining room to the adjacent space and re-purposing this room as a sitting room, I am obsessed. What was once a strange room is now my favorite room in our entire home. For fall I love pussy willow and cotton stems, and those elements worked perfectly in this space.

The next space I’ll show you is our kitchen dining area. If you follow me you’ll notice a big change here!


Yes, that is a new farmhouse table!  Are you guys ready? Matthew made it for me! I could just cry.  I love it – THANK YOU, HONEY!! xoxoxo!

(Sorry for the sap, guys – back to the tour!) 🙂

The centerpiece on this table is something I love so much I use it as my profile picture on Instagram and it shows up pretty often as my cover photo on Facebook, too.  It’s kind of my unofficial brand, that is how much I love these faux berries tucked into a vintage porcelain pitcher.  The only time I remove these berries is during Christmas time – otherwise I think they’re so versatile that they work from spring to fall and everything in between. I bought these berries about three or so years ago from Eco Chic Boutique, (Maria – bring them back! So cute!)

In our main living space, I simply removed the greenery and inserted cotton stems and perched a few porcelain pumpkins from Hobby Lobby atop wooden candlesticks.


Last of all, I’m going to interrupt this regularly scheduled fall home tour to show you a super duper small peek at a room I rarely (ok, never!) post about – our master bedroom.


What? Only two pics? Yep. That’s all you guys are getting. I tend to focus on the main living spaces in our home and always neglect our bedroom. That is changing, though, so here’s a little peek at the color scheme I’m incorporating in this space. The walls are Puritan Grey by Benjamin Moore and I just love how sharp it looks with black and white.  The trim in our bedroom is still orange dated oak so look for an update soon on new white trim and how fresh and clean this room will be! (Oh yeah, there’s no fall in here – I still have greenery. Oh well! Rome wasn’t built in a day.)

So that’s my little fall home tour – really small changes can make a big impact.  Happy decorating! If we run into each other on a random Tuesday sometime at Homegoods, feel free to say hello. I always love meeting followers and talking design.

Peace, Joy and Blessings, 


For everything there is a season, and a time for every a purpose under heaven. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1


  1. I love love love your new table ❤️
    My favorite part of this fall are the pumpkins I ordered from your mom. I couldn’t make up my mind so I ordered 5. I love them so much!


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