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There are two clocks in this photo – only one is right. The other one has been broken for years. But I keep the broken one, it is actually my favorite.


I am typically quite private about my personal life on social media, but at the same time I do think authenticity is essential, the universality of the human experience is what connects us. When we only show our highlight reel and pretend that everything is perfect, it actually does more harm than good (I believe) because who relates to perfection? No one. Because none of us are perfect. Like my favorite clock, we are all broken. And because of that brokenness, Christ died for us and through Him we are healed.


My husband and I divorced earlier this year and I wanted to share that only to let you know that whatever you are going through, there are blessings in the brokenness – miracles awaiting around every corner.

“Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” – Psalm 30:5


Sometimes “the night” is longer than just one night – but what God promises in this verse is that trials only last for a season. And when they end, it is not simply the absence of pain he promises but of REJOICING.


Life is not just about survival – it is about looking forward to the promise God has for all of us that we will not just survive our tough times just to live a mediocre life, but a life of CELEBRATION.

If you are feeling broken today, God is not going to throw you away. You are important to Him and He is working through this chapter and you, too, can believe His promise that you will REJOICE in the morning.

Peace, Joy & Blessings,


He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights. 

Psalm 18:33


P.S. I finally feel like I can start blogging more so stay tuned . . . lots of fun fresh new projects to share.  Creativity feeds the soul and I am committed to getting back into the passions that I enjoy and that feed my spirit. God bless!


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