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This room is proof that if you can dream it, you can do it.

I would like to announce the latest (and just about final) step in my girl nest/home office decorating endeavor: I have a new desk!

The writing desk I’d been using was one piece of  a larger desk set that had been perfect for my single girl Colonial before marrying Cowboy. But in this space not only did the configuration just not work but the pieces were cheapo, scratched and collected dust faster than bumblebees on a blossom. Here’s a quick shot of the writing desk in the space from my prior blog post Man Cave to Girl Nest:


Sure, it worked just fine. But I really wanted to cozy this space up, make it more functional and express my love for all things antique and vintage. And that plastic black desk just wasn’t doing it for me. (No comment on the chair, please. Well aware that thing has got to goooooooooo!)

And so this past week, not only did I finally get the desk of my dreams but I also had my ideal burlap Roman shades installed and found the perfect shelving to flank my office area. Are you ready for it? You might want to sit down. It is better than even I could have imagined . . . ta da!


I cant’t even stand it!!!

So you want to know the best part about the desk? Not only is it an antique solid oak piece we converted from a roll top to a writing desk (Cowboy carefully removed the roll top portion so I can still see out the windows, I am solar powered after all) but guess what? This desk was free! (Well, technically it came with the house so we had to buy the house to get it but let’s just say it was free, shall we?) It belonged to the former owner’s late husband and she asked if she could leave it in the basement as she had no room for it. Cowboy was going to use it and then decided a few months ago as my girl nest came together that it would truly be remarkable in here. The former owner’s husband was a farmer. He ran his farm from this desk and it could not be more perfect for me. I love the history of it!  It has not been used in decades and now this piece of history is going back to work in the tech industry. I think she’s up to the challenge, don’t you?


I found the chalk painted shelving at a local boutique. I’d been researching office space configurations and was really drawn to the look of shelving flanking the desk. I thought I wanted open shelving so the view wouldn’t be blocked. But in the end, who are we kidding? There is a ton of light in here. Solid shelving didn’t make a dent in all the light in this room. Plus, as a former English teacher, I am still a lover of words and literature and adore being surrounded by books. This is just my first quick pass at styling the shelving but I do plan to fill the shelves with a few more of my favorite reads.


I did switch out the wooden trunk for a smaller ottoman. (And how cute are those fuzzy little pumpkins on the barn wood tray? I found those in the same boutique where I purchased the shelving.) This space called for more room so I just swapped the trunk for the ottoman in the parlor – works great. I do think a smaller round ottoman at some point will work better here. (Maybe I’ll pick that up when I finally replace my office chair . . . on the hunt for a new one this weekend).

Design Tip

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have noted how I keep acknowledging this ugly a** office chair in my stories. Well here’s the dealio – I do have a day job. And I spend a LOT of time in this chair during my work day. I’ve made the mistake in the past of going for cute not functional. And my neck paid for it. I am a huge believer in having an office space that not only energizes you on a creative level but is functional and kind to your body. This chair fits me and I can work for hours in it if needed. So I’m not going to buy just any old chair that will make this place adorable. I need adorable AND practical. So I’m on the hunt! I’m sure I’ll find the perfect piece. And when I do? I’ll be screaming about how awesome it is right here on the blog, so just look forward to that. I know you can’t wait.

Design Tip

We moved into this house in April. It is now November. Making a space your own takes time. Months, even sometimes years. So go slowly and choose pieces that you love. If you just whip something together odds are you aren’t going to love it. So enjoy the process! This is honestly the first space I’ve ever changed absolutely everything about to this level. It’s been so fun but it has also taken some time. So be patient. Good things come to those who decorate slowly and purposefully.

Thank you, Cowboy!

Last but not least, this whole desk shennanigans would not be possible without my patient and strong husband! This past Thursday morning, I was about to get on a plane and Cowboy was about to go hunting. But before he left for the long manly weekend I really really really really wanted this desk brought up from the basement so I could style things and complete the space while I was home alone. His inner dialogue said, “You’ve got to be f***ing kidding me.” His outer dialogue was, “If it will make you happy, sweetheart.” (I wasn’t exactly being patient in this scenario, so a shout out to my husband for his patience with my impatience. Love you!)

We finished at 8AM – one hour before I had to head to the airport. Thank you, honey!!!! I love it. You’re the BEST!

Wherever “your” space is – may it be one that nurtures your heart and dreams. Have a wonderful week!

Peace, Joy and Blessings, 




But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

Romans 8:25




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