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Big things start small. But everything usually does. Oak trees. Human beings. The universe.

And something big is happening in the Mehl house. And it all began with one small teeny tiny little off hand comment.

“Hey honey, maybe I could sell some things in a little corner of your bakery? Nurture my passion for decorating and create some cross sales for your business?” I don’t actually remember the date of this conversation or where we were standing when I said it. It was probably in the kitchen. Lots of ideas start in kitchens. Right? We’ll go with kitchen.

Somehow that kitchen comment turned into a bigger concept. “You know, that could work.” And then a few months later, “Oh hey, there’s a space opening up in the strip mall the bakery should move into that is larger. I’m going to talk to my brothers about it.” And then from there . . . the snowball rolled down the hill, gained momentum, turned into a boulder and exploded into something magical . . . .



Anyone wanna buy a windmill? Oh good, because I have two.

Welcome to Grace 1972!


The seating around the fireplace is for you to sit on when you visit us! It is not for sale – it is available for rent from Gathered Rental & Events here in Fargo. So come in and check it out! If you like it you can rent it for your next event – they do a fantastic job and the owners are just the sweetest couple you’ve ever met in the whole wide world.


Yeah, so my idea of “selling a few things in the corner” of my husband’s existing business turned into a full blown decor shop. Weird, huh?

I started really mulling this over last October. I hunted down a few local artists, got their business cards and talked to them as if I actually had a store.  (They believed me! All I really had was a Gmail email and a name: Grace 1972).

Thankfully, I met some absolutely incredible creative artists, seamstresses and woodworking souls who have agreed to come on this journey with me. They are awesome! Although, I have to be honest . . . I do have one vendor who is my absolute favorite above them all . . . my mom! My little mama has been sewing away making incredible pillows at her farmhouse kitchen table (I told you cool things start in kitchens!) and making the most incredible pillows you have ever seen. Look at these!


I call her my little Granny Sweatshop. She is retiring in about a month so she is super excited about this! It’s going to be a nice revenue stream for her in her retirement and she gets to nurture her natural talent and creativity at the same time. She is VERY creative and it has been so fun brainstorming with her about designs, fabrics and concepts. I’ve been sending her Pinterest screen shots for months, going to the fabric stores with her and bossing her around. “Mom, can you make this?” “Of course I can make that! But I’m putting on a button. And some lace.” —- Go for it, mama!

You’ll also notice some absolutely fantastic neutral pillows with words that are meaningful to me personally, and I hope to you as well. These are made by this sassy little local sweetheart! She isn’t even 30 yet but has a fiery entrepreneurial spirit. I have commissioned her to create pillows in a font and with words that are exclusive to Grace 1972. They are scattered everywhere throughout the shop.


And of course, wordy girl that I am, I have more signs than you can shake a wordy stick at! A few other amazing local artists are busily working away to provide signage that reflects the farmhouse chic vibe that I personally love and hope you do, too!


I love that I am offering so many of them! Grace 1972 will be the place where you can find the perfect piece for YOU and for YOUR home. That statement piece that encapsulates your message that you want your home to make.


You’ll also note several primitive and architectural pieces scattered throughout. I have met some wonderful “pickers” on this journey who travel the country finding very unique treasures. I am so excited to showcase them here at Grace 1972!

Last but not least, I want to carry seasonal cards and the ones I have now for Valentine’s Day are made by a young local graphic artist just starting out. Her designs are dreamy – so think of us if you need a greeting card for any occasion.


So that is pretty much the tour! If you’re looking for farmhouse chic and love vintage and re-purposed, pop on in and see if you can find a treasure or two. From ladders to benches to chalkboards (those are coming soon!) — this is the place to find the pieces that make your home a cozy sanctuary.

Last but not least – I did mention that my husband’s business is a bakery, right? What is not to love about that? Mehl’s Gluten Free Bakery has become a staple in Fargo/Moorhead for not just gluten free goodies but AMAZING products. Trust me, I am not Celiac. I can inhale gluten just fine and live to tell the tale. But my brother in law, Paul (the mastermind behind the formula) has really created something special. My day job in sales for the tech industry has me traveling far and wide and one of the perks is taking clients to dinner at high end restaurants. I am telling you, Mehl’s products stack up. Their carrot cake cupcakes are to DIE FOR and better than any carrot cake I’ve ever had in any five star restaurant. I had to tell my husband to stop bringing them home. I could not resist eating them. ALL of them. In one sitting. It was horrifying. (And so was the scale!) They are delicious.

And now – their business got even more amazing with this move as  they now have the space to offer a full gourmet coffee bar and a cafe that will serve both breakfast and lunch. Oh, and free WiFi!

Coffee, cupcakes, a fireplace, throw pillows, vintage and BACON?

I think we may have just invented heaven on earth, people.

We open for business at 10AM on Monday, February 6th. The address is 1404 33rd St South – Unit H (the strip mall behind Scheel’s on 13th Ave South – our space once housed The Winery for those who remember).

Thank you so much for all the kind words and support. This place is going to be a wonderful destination for friends and family to gather – we’re so excited to see you there!

Peace, Joy and Blessings – 


By wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; And by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

Proverbs 24: 3 – 4



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