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I was invited to our local morning television show, North Dakota Today, last week. The topic? I decided it would be timely to do a segment on how to decorate for fall. Interestingly enough, I’d done zilch fall decorating in my own home.  I said that was a timely topic, I didn’t say I was personally on the fall ball. Yet in television land, I am the quintessential expert on the topic of fall home decor. Guess again! No, not every nook and cranny of my own home is brimming with fabric pumpkins in a complimentary color scheme with apple pie candles burning in every room.

Nope. Note even close.

Link to the clip in case you missed it can be found here:

How to Decorate for Fall

So I thought I’d do a little blog and come clean.  Like most of you, I’m wearing a lot of hats in this life – mom, wife, career woman, church volunteer and business owner. Not to mention I’ve got a 13 year old kitty cat who I love to death clinging to life (this equates to cleaning up a lot of vomit every morning, the poor thing), a new puppy causing havoc even in his cuteness (this equates to cleaning up a lot of poo every morning), and a couple teenagers who just got their driver’s licenses (this equates to a lot of worrying morning and night).  Who has time to think about pumpkins? Good lord, not me.

The truth is, yes – I love decorating. It is my passion. But sometimes I just do NOT have time. So many other things are just larger priorities – and that is ok. It doesn’t mean I can’t still talk about what would be adorable, or gather inventory for my store that is exactly that (adorable) but it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve got endless hours to rearrange and arrange and style and restyle my own home for the season. (At least not just yet – it’s only September. Wasn’t summer literally just yesterday? Exactly.)

So that’s the scoop. I am falling behind. Just a little. But I do still appreciate dang nice decor and I do still do the work to make sure my shop is carrying seasonal items. I like to think that the women who frequent my store have carved out just a few minutes to treat themselves and think about ways to create a cozy home when life presents just a minute or two to think about it.

Here are some of the fall items that my shop is carrying. I am proud to say that my mom really did make all the fabric pumpkins. And that is literally because, like I said in the television segment, it was because in mid-August I noticed that other local shops were announcing their fall decor and I called my mom in an absolute panic! “MOM!” Can you whip up SOMETHING fall like for the store? We are at DEFCON 5! I have nothing!!!”  I am happy to report – my mom is the best. I did some emergency Pinterest-ing and emailed her some photos along with the accompanying  subtle message, “HELP!!!!!”

And she is a total rock star. Check it out.  The woman is a sewing magician. And apparently a highly skilled pumpkin maker. (Who knew?)

IMG_6713 (2)IMG_6679 (2)FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_1

I know! Can you even believe it? She is a creative genius.  I have already placed my order for SEVERAL more white chenille fabric pumpkins -for myself and the shop!

As for my own home, things are coming along. Ok, that’s a lie. I’ve done so little it’s pathetic.  I have a ton of dogwood branches I am planning to bundle up and sell in the shop. So today I forced myself to dig out a few and begin my official fall decorating efforts.  Feast your eyes.

IMG_6852 (2).JPG

Yes. Yes it is true. This is so far pretty much the sum of my fall decorating efforts.

I have put some sticks in a vase on my mantel.

Yep. That’s is all I have done. Here’s a wider shot if you don’t believe me.

IMG_6832 (2).JPG

Yeah, let me wipe the sweat off my brow.

Oh wait, I did do a few more things – I restyled the wooden tray in my living room. You can see from the photo above I just simplified it with candles. Here’s a shot of what it looked like previously from earlier this year:


I basically just decided on a cleaner more simple look:

IMG_6860 (2).JPG

Last but not least, I added some fresh hydrangeas to my dining room table next to a little arrangement of dried lavender:

IMG_6844 (2).JPG

And so yes, that is the end of my fall decorating to date in my own home.  Not a single fabric pumpkin in sight. (For now.)  I do really get into decorating for the seasons but at the moment? I don’t think I’ll have much out until closer to October. And guess what? That. Is. Ok.

Because there really are no rules. Our homes are our sanctuary and how they are decorated or when they are decorated isn’t up to anyone else. Just you.

So take life as it comes. Go to work and give the world your best – take care of your family, friendships and pets. And just remember to breathe.  Because the world isn’t going to end if you don’t have neutral fabric pumpkin in every corner or an apple/burbon/maple candle burning in every room.


Peace, Joy and Blessings, 



For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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